The Wondrous Garden of Erich Engelbrecht

Find a Way to Entice Visitors to Discover Modern Art

In general, modern art is not appreciated by wider publics. The little knowledge about contemporary works makes audiences stay in fear of misunderstanding them.

Thanks to the universal dimension of Engelbrecht’s art, the sculptural park and castle has the potential to appeal to wide audiences.

The physical viewing setting of Engelbrecht’s marvelous sculpture park eases the approach: The works are monumental and interact with the landscape. They are arranged to be discovered as a journey by the viewer – like an archetypal hero quest and they are in dialogue with their environment. Walking through the path of the sculpture park is therefore to be greatly appreciated – both consciously and unconsciously – by visitors. Thanks to the intersectionality of Engelbrecht’s work – between Eastern thought, traumas of European war, psychology, philosophy, art and sculpture – there is much to discover and much inspiration to be absorbed.

A unique footpath

…was created by the artist Erich Engelbrecht in the form of a large anchor. This anchor symbolizes our connection into the depths of our subconscious and instinct. Both are traditionally symbolized by the infinite sea.

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Next stages of further construction

It is planned to continue planting and restoring the castle garden from 2020, with the active help of the nonprofit association “Les Amis des Fougis”, the support of the family of Erich Engelbrecht and thanks to the participation of various sponsors and scientific institutions.

Invitation to the Discovery of Art through a Fun Walk

The Wondrous garden in Les Fougis relies on the intersectionality of the works; they are not to be enjoyed by modern art lovers alone. They were designed to possibly speak to the universality of the human experience and depth of the mind.

On the other hand, the sculptures of Erich Engelbrecht have a playful dimension. Cats, fish, monkeys, princes and princesses, heroes and other characters and images hide within the 10-meter-high works. The shapes, characters, and designs created by filled space and left emptiness transform the works into games of finding the hidden stories and messages.

This is a frank invitation to contemplation and dreaming.

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