Upcoming transformations

It is planned to continue planting and restoring the castle garden from 2020, with the active help of the nonprofit association “Les Amis des Fougis”, the support of the family of Erich Engelbrecht and thanks to the participation of various sponsors and by different scientific institutions.

See some projects here and learn how you could possibly participate yourself.

  • Julian, Patrick and Stef volonteering on the renovation of the club house terrace in order to prepare the outdoor café for next summer

    We invite You to become a member of the association “Les Amis des Fougis” (annual membership 2,50 Euro) which gives You acces to some activities in the  Clubhouse Café as well as special conditions for visiting the sculpture parc. You’ll also be informed occasionally by a newsletter about the associations activities around the maintenance of the castle and its grounds.
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  • You would like to invite us to participate in networks around cultural tourism?

  • You would like to organise cultural events like festivals, concerts or workshops in the context of the castle and its sculpture-garden?

Please contact us by phone or by mail [wp-svg-icons icon=”arrow-right” wrap=”i”]


Next stages and further constructions

The concept of the garden must be thought of as an archaic book that fosters a quest for self-realization through immersion into the artistic works and the universal themes within. Each sculpture is a point of self-discovery, and this reality would be amplified with relevant educational tools including: The story of the work; the meaning of the work; the creative process of the work; the technique.


The footpath has a length of 1.2 km and has long been listed on all maps and aerial photographs because of its unusual shape. He even serves aircraft as a landmark.

A clear drawing of the path in the shape of an anchor and a respectful and fitting design for the environment (plants adapted to the given central French climate, requiring little maintenance, characteristic of the agricultural landscape).

A „Ligustrum“ hedge on the 15th of october – after the driest summer ever in the Allier region in 2019 !The Aesthetics of the Garden

The full beauty of the anchor is currently only recognizable from the air. Therefore, it is planned to frame the entire pathway with a low hedge. In this way it will stand out from the surrounding meadow for the viewer. At the same time, this type of planting is supposed to be reminiscent of the traditional French gardens that were typically part of castle gardens.

Suggested Mediation/Informative/Interpretative Tools

Information boards

Invitations to watch

Invitation to Contemplation – Unique or unexpected furniture

The monumentality of the works is striking; to apprehend the complex meaning, you have to be able to contemplate them. The invitation to contemplation would be facilitated with fitting placement of furniture: lounge chairs, picnic tables/mats, shade-covered benches—for example—would give viewers the necessary space for spiritual contemplation on the meaning of Engelbrecht’s work. The placement of this furniture and architecture must be in accordance with the design of the garden and Engelbrecht’s original, outlined intentions.

Integrated discovery stations

Inspiration to global, universal thinking


The unfolding of the project must occur in phases and could be realized over a five-year timetable. There would be the stages of growth, an extension of the foundational project consisting of preparing the chateau grounds for visits.

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